Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lost Weekend Sessions

Well, I'm back. As you can see by the length of time since my previous post, the process of doing some follow up recordings took much longer than expected. The good news is that I came up with a solid plan to finally get this project off the ground. For the first time in years, I had access to an empty house for a full weekend and I knew it was time to record. There needed to be a framework for the session that would provide a new challenge and provide an interesting result.

Here was the deal going into the weekend:

1. 5 Days - I had a grand total of five days to record, with only Saturday and Sunday being full recording days because of work.
2. Laptop - I would record everything to my laptop by myself using just my $200 tube mic, a Beta 58 and a copy of Audacity.
3. No Ideas Going In - I went into the session literally with no riffs, no lyrics and just a couple of song titles.
4. Guest - I invited just one person to play on the Saturday session. My old friend Andrew Green (The Shermans) came down to play guitar.
5. 3 Songs - The goal was to complete 3 songs and then officially title the result the 'Eggybeats EP'.

Well, the mission has been accomplished and the songs are in the can. The titles are:

1. Small Time - The track features some great guitar solos by Andrew on the second half of the song. It is heavy-ish and raw, which I like.
2. One-Liner - This track features a guitar riff and bass from Andrew with some lyrics from me about a stand comedian that is bombing on stage.
3. The Poor and the Principled - On this one I'm playing and singing everything.

My plan is to finish the mix of these songs this week and then get the tracks to Dave Clark for mastering. I'll finalize the artwork on the weekend and the Eggybeats EP could hatch as soon as next week. I'll provide some more tales once I have it ready.