Monday, June 20, 2011

The Variety Store EP

The new album is out. The Variety Store EP is a four song collection that has some of my wackiest tracks yet. "Ants" is about how we all act sometimes. "Ricky MIA" is a goof on early 90's trippy-type style tracks. Never in a million years did I think I'd write a song about my own pet but...yep, "Johnny the Cat". "Variety Store" tells the story of my wasted youth hanging out a Checkers Variety in Oshawa with my friend Jeff.

You can buy the EP here for only $3.33 on Zunior.

To celebrate the release of the new stuff, I put together another video on an iPad using clips shot by my brother Bob. The coin catching stuff is a reference to this classic Happy Days episode where Fonzie's cousin tries to break a record by catching coins on his elbow. Back in the day, after this episode, everyone in the schoolyard was trying this for weeks. I got pretty good at it myself, not that you can tell in this dripping wet footage.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Variety Store EP Out on June 21

Here is the artwork for the new EP out in a few weeks. Trevor did an awesome job once again and even included the subtle touch of calling the store 'Checkers'. This is a tribute to the real store at the end of my street growing up in Oshawa. Many hours were wasted there playing Galaga and eating Mr. Freezies.

I also put together a new video for this song:

It tells the story of fictional rapper called Ricky. I made the vid myself on an iPad and it features some Creative Commons footage from a piece called 'One Night in New York'. It is old school footage of a guy riding his bike at night in NYC with a camera on his handlebars. It matches the story nicely. Thanks to Jackson Darby for adding the excellent scratching on this track.