Monday, June 20, 2011

The Variety Store EP

The new album is out. The Variety Store EP is a four song collection that has some of my wackiest tracks yet. "Ants" is about how we all act sometimes. "Ricky MIA" is a goof on early 90's trippy-type style tracks. Never in a million years did I think I'd write a song about my own pet but...yep, "Johnny the Cat". "Variety Store" tells the story of my wasted youth hanging out a Checkers Variety in Oshawa with my friend Jeff.

You can buy the EP here for only $3.33 on Zunior.

To celebrate the release of the new stuff, I put together another video on an iPad using clips shot by my brother Bob. The coin catching stuff is a reference to this classic Happy Days episode where Fonzie's cousin tries to break a record by catching coins on his elbow. Back in the day, after this episode, everyone in the schoolyard was trying this for weeks. I got pretty good at it myself, not that you can tell in this dripping wet footage.

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