Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Variety Store EP Coming Soon

Once again I used the March Break to record some new Egger songs. Similar to the Eggybeats EP from last year, I set out to try and make a batch of songs from scratch over a few days. Although I started with just a few small ideas and lyrics, I set up my laptop and cheapo tube mic to start laying down tracks.

I always start drums first, so I layed out a few simple patterns and put it to digi-tape. Guitars go next, then vocals. From there I usually add everything else including percussion, backup, etc. This is the way I did it for three of the songs called 'Variety Store', 'Ants' and 'Johnny'. Then Andrew Green showed up and added some great guitar parts to all three of these songs. He even added a backup vocal, or two.

The fun really started when we broke out a brand new (to us) vintage Moog that I picked up on Mike O'Neill's behalf. This machine is absolute classic from the era of Rush/Steve Miller/Cars. You could say it 'played itself' (in this case, Andrew let it play itself!), it was so good. The result of our noodling was a fourth track called 'Ricky MIA' that tries to dance like Stevie Wonder but slouches like Beck. I'm in the process of getting a friend to add some turntables and then we'll have a final product. Andrew is currently doing all the mixing at his place and hopefully we'll have something out in May. Even better, Trevor Waurechen is going to be doing the artwork and his illustrations have been included in many Zunior Label albums over the past few years.

I set up a dedicated Youtube channel for Egger stuff called Eggychannel. I'll use this to post videos, songs and few proper video-type ideas that I have for this album. Stay tuned for updates in the next few weeks.


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